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Brother zhang translate Russian

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Brother Zhang!
I want to go sightseeing with Big Brother Zhang.
- Куда? Покажем город Жангу?
Big brother Zhang!
It's Sunday. I'm looking for Big brother Zhang so I can ask him to go out and have some fun.
- Зову Жанга гулять!
So you like spending time with Big brother Zhang?
Тебе нравится с ним гулять?
Do you think you could help me find a school, Big brother Zhang? What?
- Найдете мне училище?
Big Brother Zhang! You're going to get drunk...
Жанг, ты пьяный.
Big Brother Zhang is getting drunk.
Очень пьяный.
Big Brother Zhang, you're a doctor. You have to save him!
Вы доктор, спасите его!
Big brother Zhang is leaving tomorrow.
Жанг уезжает завтра.
You and Big Brother Zhang are in love, no? Yes we are.
Ты давно любила Жанга, да?
Brother Zhang! Did you miss me?
Вы по мне скучали?
Brother Zhang!
- Братец Жанг!
Brother Zhang, I...
Братец Жанг, я...
Brother Zhang, I've a gift for you.
Братец Жанг, вам подарок.
I want Brother Zhang to go for a walk with me.
Пусть братец Жанг сходит со мной погулять.
That was before Brother Zhang came along.
Это было до братца Жанга!
Brother Zhang!
Братец Жанг!
Brother Zhang, I want another go. Alright.
- Братец Жанг, я хочу еще!
Brother Zhang, it's my birthday!
Это мой день рождения!
Brother Zhang, let's do'Scissors-paper-rock'
А теперь - в Камень, Ножницы, Бумага!
Drink up, Brother Zhang!
Пейте, братец Жанг!
Again! Brother Zhang, again!
- Еще, братец Жанг!
Brother, Brother Zhang lost again!
Братец, а Жанг опять проиграл!
Brother Zhang, drink up!
Братец Жанг, пейте!
Three cups for Brother Zhang!
Три чашки братцу Жангу!
Brother Zhang, you're drunk!
Братец Жанг, ты пьян!
Brother Zhang is leaving soon.
Братец Жанг скоро уезжает.
Are you... having an affair with Brother Zhang?
У тебя... роман с братцем Жангом?
Brother Zhang, will he get better?
Братец Жанг, он поправится?

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